1911 Hard Ciders are made from apples grown on our land in Upstate New York and fermented on the same property. Their delicious taste comes from our famous apple cider. Scroll down to learn more about each of our 5 delicious flavors.

Enjoy the crisp, refreshing light taste of Original 1911 Hard Cider. Our unique fermentation process creates a clean cider that has a subtle hint of fresh apples with citrus overtones. This is the flavor that started it all. ABV 5.5%

1911 Raspberry Hard Cider is one of our most popular flavors. Starting with our Original hard cider an infusion of raspberries creates a hint of raspberry flavor with a crisp clean finish. You will find the combination of fruit a perfect match. ABV 5.5%

1911 Blueberry Hard Cider is a favorite among folks who like a slightly sweeter hard cider. Putting a twist on our Original hard cider we introduce blueberries to create a deep red color and apple berry taste. Blueberry Hard Cider is a perfect mixer when paired with our 1911 Vodka. ABV 5.5%

1911 Light & Crisp Hard Cider is light in flavor with a crisp, dry finish. This cider is inspired by the ciders produced during the colonial period in America, when hard cider was the drink of choice. During colonial times, every American family had a cask or two of hard cider in the cellar. Our Light & Crisp hard cider recreates the best from our colonial period. So, sit back and enjoy a part of our history. ABV 6.5%

1911 Sweet Apple Hard Cider is light in flavor, low in alcohol, and full of sweetness. Inspired by the sweet, low alcohol cider produced in the cider regions of France, this beverage is lightly carbonated and full of delicious sweet apple flavor. ABV 2%